quarta-feira, 22 de julho de 2015

And come wine

It is in this context that the Group of Amateur “Forcados” of Santarém (GAFS) is submitting photos of their trainings. In two of these photographs young people is shown drinking alcohol as part of the regular training activity. 

These shameful images force us to find the right words to denounce this assault on public health, a fact that reveals the scientific ignorance about the consequences of alcohol abuse on physical activities and also the cultural poverty in which this country finds itself regarding this matter. 

The first concern that comes to mind has to do with the safety of the members of the group and secondly the behavioral changes that will later end up in violence against animals. 

Alcohol consumption in the group by those who promote it, is in itself a despicable act of peer pressure on the other guys once it takes away the freedom of choice of each member avoiding them being exposed to a complex of rejection by the group. We do not for sure the motivation behind the GAFS group which leads to this collective consumption of alcohol, but we can easily identify the consequences of these imprudent acts: 

- They will become more unrestrained and will adopt a stronger risk behavior exposing not only their physical vulnerability but also of the group as a whole; 
- They will adopt a more aggressive behavior toward their victims, the animals; 
They will adopt a conspicuous behavior, dividing its focus between the animal and the public; They will be physically vulnerable because alcohol consumption has an immediate consequences on muscle control, reducing reflexes and visual acuity! 

Among those who were indulged with wine in this weekend, and apparently in every practice, we shall find some of them, either in the medium and the long term, struggling with alcohol addiction and being the cause of both domestic negligence and domestic violence. Job problems and inappropriate use of any machinery that is entrusted to them are also among the likely and inevitable consequences. 

It is not difficult to assume that this behavior is the result of myths about alcohol that are still rooted in the bullfighting culture "and come wine" and our people: that wine gives strength; that wine is good for the heart; boosts health; etc., misconceptions that are now reinforced by insidious information proliferates on the Internet. 

Alcohol causes people to lose self respect and respect for others, and as is seen here, also for animals!

Samuel Dias
Traduzido por Joaquim Teixeira.

Artigo no blog dos Grupo de Forcados Amadores de Santarém

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